Communication design for a conference by The Biodynamic Association of India (BDAI). The focus is on organic, biodynamic seed breeding and production, and cattle husbandry.
These artifacts represent traditional and old Indian cultural diversity. The ancient Harappan tablet and old Indian coins were the source of inspiration for the required symbols, forms and textures. Incorporating these rooted visuals gives a meaningful connotation to the modern yet sustainable agricultural topic of Biodynamic farming.
The explored texture here is representative of clay, soil and natural surroundings.
By trying different outlines, the most dynamic and natural form was preferred.
The result of the combination of a natural texture, characteristic colours and relevant subjects of Demeter agriculture, are the fresh, modern and distinctive icons of 'a seed', 'a cow' and 'the moon'. An important aspect during the process was to find a final and consistent visual style. These icons became the foundation to further extend the visual communication.
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