Mason&Co - Packaging Design System
Unspoiled - Packaging Design System
Milagro - Packaging Design for Seasoning
Hopper - Brochure Design
+39 Espresso - Branding and Packaging Design
Amiksa - Branding and Packaging Design
Last Forest - Packaging Design for Lip Balms
Blue Tokai - Gift Box Design
Bun Maska - Branding and Packaging Design
Milagro - Packaging Design for Herbs
Chocozay - Packaging Design for Wafer Rolls
Piramal Art Residency - Communication Design
Yoyo Yummiesss - Branding & Packaging Design
Asma - Logo Design and Collateral
Popular Essentials - Packaging Design for Flours
Eatawhey - Identity and Packaging Design
Your New Home SW15 - Identity Design
Black Sheep B&B
Chocozay - Packaging Design Systems
Easy Kitchen - Identity Design
Burloe - Packaging Design for Shoes
The Little Pondicherrian - Logo, Packaging , Prints
Popular Essentials - Packaging Design System for Rice
Bread&Chocolate - Packaging Design for Peanut Butter
Mason&Co - Packaging Design for Limited Edition Bars
Bread&Chocolate - Packaging Design for Peanut Butter
Villa Retreat - Identity and Collateral Design
Mason&Co - Packaging Design for Diwali Packs
Mason&Co - Packaging Design for Cacao Range
Anya - Identity and Packaging Design
Buddies Kitchen - Identity and Packaging Design
Where Else - Cafe Interior Graphics
Cornions - Packaging Design for Budget Snacks
Gelato Factory - Brand Collateral Design
Place to Bee - Logo and Collateral Design
Eco Femme - Awareness Poster Design for Cloth Pads
Wasteless - Waste Segregation Labels Design
Cottage Industries - Packaging Design for Incense
Illustrated Mudra Series
Indigenous Industries - Boxer Shorts Packaging Design
Indigenous Industries - Identity Design
Many Many Things - Logo Design
Alliance Française de Pondichéry, 125th Anniversary
Roots Initiatives Ladakh
Sandwedges Cafe
Cottage Incense
Caress Bath Soap
Zuka Chocolate Bars
Caress Massage Oils
Waste Awareness Campaign
LivingArt Diary 2014
Pondicherry Collection Incense
Waste Segregation Poster
Pick It Up
Café des Arts
Vodafone, Tahiti
Cottage Industries
BioDynamic Association of India
Old Mahé
Rusi Curd
Bonjour India 2013
Bonjour India 2013
LivingArt Diary 2012
Café Olé
Fat Fakir
Prosody- Paper Plane
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