Nook&Co: Identity
Urban Platter - Packaging
Last Forest: Packaging
Cosmic Cones: Identity
Gelato Factory: Communication
Mediball: Packaging
Sea Change: Naming, Identity & Design System
Azeta: Identity & Packaging
Third Wave Coffee: Packaging & Collateral
Pondy Yacht Club: Identity
Third Wave Coffee: Packaging
The Good Gift: Identity & Packaging
Hemplanet: Identity & Packaging
Last Forest: Packaging
Kocoatrait: Identity & Packaging
Suprint: Identity
Last Forest: Identity & Packaging
Decor Apaara: Identity & Packaging
LOV13: Identity
FOI: Packaging
Mason & Co: Packaging
Unspoiled: Packaging
Milagro: Packaging
La Maison de Bitasta: Identity
Hopper: Brochure
+39 Espresso: Identity & Packaging
Amiksa: Identity & Packaging
Blue Tokai: Packaging
Bun Maska: Identity & Packaging
Milagro: Packaging
Chocozay: Packaging
Piramal Art Residency: Posters
Asma: Identity
Popular Essentials: Packaging
Eatawhey: Identity & Packaging
Your New Home SW15: Identity
BlackSheep B&B: Identity & Communication
Gulabs: Identity & Packaging
Chocozay: Identity & Packaging
Burloe: Packaging
The Little Pondicherrian: Identity & Packaging
Popular Essentials: Packaging
Bread&Chocolate: Identity & Packaging
Mason&Co: Packaging
Villa Retreat: Identity
Mason & Co: Packaging
Easy Kitchen: Identity
Mason & Co: Packaging
Anya: Identity & Packaging
Buddies Kitchen: Identity & Packaging
Roots Ladakh: Identity & Communication
Where Else Cafe: Mural
Cornions: Packaging
Place to Bee: Identity
Eco Femme: Posters
Cottage Industries: Packaging
Gräfe und Unzer Verlag: Illustration
Indigenous Industries: Identity & Packaging
Many Many Things: Naming & Identity
Alliance Française de Pondichéry: Identity
Cottage Industries: Packaging
Zuka: Packaging
Cottage Industries: Packaging
Cottage Industries: Packaging
Pick It Up: Identity
Café des Arts: Mural
Cottage Industries: Identity
Bonjour India: Mural
Café Olé: Identity
Janaki: Identity
Neelamayil: Packaging & Illustration
Cottage Industries: Packaging
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