Suprint has been designing, printing and manufacturing high-quality cotton home textiles and women's ethnic wear, for domestic and international markets, since 1979.​​​​​​​
Based in Jaipur (world-famous for timeless textile crafts), the team of skilled craftsmen at Suprint bring qualities such as - tradition, experience, goodness and craft to the creations. The skill of the hand crafts are used in conjunction with machines using the latest technology. The name 'Suprint' invokes a feeling of trust in their clients, as they have built a strong reputation spanning more than 4 decades.
With this understanding, they wanted to establish themselves as a brand - where expertise, design, comfort, affordability and quality meet. For this we were asked to design an identity that is ethnic, elegant and yet modern in appeal, invoking the trust that the brand has built over decades. The identity had to work in Indian and international markets, and possibly in the retail segment as well.
We explored many visuals that strongly symbolise 'Indian'. The graceful peacock emerged as a symbol that resonated well, in a minimal and modern styling. The form has been kept in a traditional dull gold, contrasting with a rich black background. The decorative shape of the peacock also resembles the letter 'S', the first letter from the name 'Suprint'. 
We selected a serif typeface to bring in the legacy of the company, and underline was used to give more emphasis. Lastly, 'Jaipur' was added to bring in the strong association and rich contribution that the birthplace of the company has offered in shaping the brand, in every way.

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