Azeta is a tree-to-bar chocolate brand based out of the lush town of Pollachi in Tamil Nadu. Nestled in the forest area near the Anamalai Tiger Reserve, lies their cacao farm. This farm is not just home to the Theobroma Cacao, commonly known as the cacao tree, but also hosts a multitude of other cultivation crops. They believe in sustainable farming practices, maintaining harmony with the surrounding ecosystem and wildlife. Azeta uses the traditional wooden box fermentation method, a crucial part of processing cacao to create a crafted range of chocolate products. 
We wanted to capture the earthy and organic feel of the brand, their age-old practices and tree-to-bar authenticity, in the logo and packaging designs. Through the use of rugged imagery, kraft paper and sketch illustrations paired with elegant letterforms, a rich brand space has been created for Azeta, in the growing artisanal chocolate market in India.
The designed packaging system helps easily introduce new variants and limited editions. The retail bars feature illustrations of animals from the biodiversity of the region where the single-origin cacao is farmed.

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