Based in the heart of the Nilgiri mountains, Last Forest Enterprises has been a market intermediary for non-timber forest produce that is harvested by indigenous communities. These communities are working with forest and agricultural produce, grown locally using traditional and natural methods. They have created a fair trade supply chain and cater to each step of the process procurement, processing, quality-check, brand creation and promotion, while keeping a focus on the product and process being organic and sustainable.
Last Forest was ready to take their products to more customers across India and abroad. For this they needed a re-design for the packaging of their range of essential oils. Having premium products and a powerful story, we had to capture ‘the goodness’ of the products through the packaging design.
The essential oils by Last Forest are pure and of high quality. Due to the naturalness and therapeutic properties of essential oils, we felt that there is an element of charm in them. Since the oils are direct extracts from plants - the ingredients seemed alluring. To go with this thought, for the packaging design system we chose to use botanical illustrations of the source plants. In combination with this a colour system was devised, the typography is consistent across brand. The scientific names of the plants have been included on the packaging to bring out the authenticity of the extracts. 
The new packaging design has enabled each essential oil have a character of its own. The re-design highlights the goodness and quality of the products, creating a vibrancy and adding life to the appeal of the products, making them standout on shelves.​​​​​​​

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