Learning for a clean sea. 
Sea Change is an innovative and comprehensive curriculum based on the latest science on microplastics and marine plastic pollution, for children aged 10-13 years from low-income government schools. The program has been designed and developed through in- depth research, extensive pilot testing and feedback. Sea Change has been offered at 200 schools in Tamil Nadu, India, benefiting 10,000 students. Through strategic partnerships with government and NGOs, the aim is to reach 15 million students in the next five years.
After over a year of research and development at Wasteless (Auroville), this new children's educational programme was ready to be taken to the next stage of design. The first task at hand was to come up with a name for the programme. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
To know more and support this project visit https://wastelessindia.org/seachange/
Credits: Wasteless​​​​​​​
Impprintz brainstormed with the team at Wasteless to find a name that is inspiring, meaningful and simple. The name Sea Change was chosen - an idiomatic expression meaning a ‘paradigm shift’ and having the words ‘sea’ and ‘change’ for a curriculum based on marine pollution, it fit the bill. With a phonetic play, the word 'sea' also sounds like 'see', adding in another layer of meaning - as the hope is that with the learning from this programme we will see change. See change in our attitude towards plastic, see change in how we care for the ecosystem of the sea, see change in how we use education to make a positive impact on the future.
The next step was designing an identity for Sea Change - which would be applied across the programme and communication materials, and further extending itself to the overall design language of the programme. The identity design for Sea Change has been selected by children.
The identity highlights the water cycle, which contains elements of marine life and microplastics. The colours are inspired from the sea and the sky - creating a vibrant colour scheme that is attractive to children. The two arrows further symbolise 'change' through their movement.
The learning kit is designed following a system that easily expands into multiple lessons and languages. The kit consists of 5 Learning Boards, an 84-paged Student Booklet, Programme Certificates, an Ambassador Badge and a carry bag. The programme has been designed in 3 languages - Tamil, English and Hindi.
"With education, we can plant a seed in the new generation to grow a sustainable future."
- Chandra Nusselein, Co-founder, Wasteless

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