Packaging design and nomenclature for artisanal beeswax lip balms by Last Forest. An earthy and spritely makeover to the product range.

Nomenclature story: Let’s take a walk in the forest together.
Think of ‘Lemon’. A bright burst of yellow. Like a ray of light rushing down through treetops.
Think of ‘Strawberry’. Bright pops of red. Like fresh, juicy berries on a
berry trail.
Think of ‘Mint’. Reviving all the senses. Like a refreshing
cool breeze blowing upon you.
Think of ‘Pineapple’. Its lingering sweet notes. Like the melody of a
birdsong close by.
Think of ‘Vanilla’. A flower, dainty and pale. Like a
white cloud hanging in the sky.
Think of ‘Honey’. This luscious, glistening nectar. Like
dew drops of liquid gold.
Think of ‘Pomegranate’. Staining lips with rosy hues. Like a
pink sky painted by the sunset.
Think of ‘Chocolate’. Warm, delightful and comforting. Like walking barefoot on the
sweet earth.
Think of ‘Orange’. A burning wish. Like flowers reaching out to be

Photo credits: Last Forest

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