The Good Gift aims to make conscious gifting convenient.

They bring together a thoughtfully curated range of home & living, children & lifestyle products. All handcrafted by women from underserved communities, using 100% natural materials that are ethically sourced from within the region. Thereby minimising its carbon footprint.
We worked collaboratively with the passionate founders of The Good Gift. Starting with the logo, for which a simple and clean appeal was needed. To answer this, a geometric typeface was chosen. The word 'Good' needed to be highlighted to add emphasis; Gifts that are good for you, good for your loved ones, good for the maker and good for the planet. A warm and positive yellow was selected as the primary colour, supported by a set of earthy tones as a secondary palette.
Photo credits: The Good Gift
Next up for design were the gift boxes, which needed to be used across their range of gift products. The kraft paper boxes feature screen printed designs. As The Good Gift is based in Ooty, we took inspiration from the surrounding scenic hills with plantations to create the graphic. Each gift box comes with a maker card to introduce you to the artisan who made the product. The entire box and its contents are biodegradable. A thoughtful gift for yourself or a loved one.

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